Voice of the Customer

Today, traditional survey methods are too slow and infrequent and don't go nearly deep enough to keep up with you business problems.

That's why companies today are turning to Customers by Design for more complete voice of the customer (VoC) solutions. VoC solutions take a surgical approach to feedback, making it far more current and relevant and enabling companies to target different groups of customers much more tightly, improving the quality, quantity, and accuracy of the feedback they receive.

VoC at its core, is an in-depth process designed to capture your customer's thoughts, expectations, preferences, and aversions; organize them into a hierarchy of needs; and prioritize them relative to particular business goals.

As a final stage, a VoC program also involves closing the loop with corrective action based on the feedback received. VoC goes beyond just hearing what customers are saying to actually listening, taking what is heard, deriving meaning and intent from that, and turning it into action. It should open numerous opportunities for companies to effect immediate change.